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UCSI University

Institution Type:
Institution Address:
No. 1, Jalan Menara Gading
UCSI Heights, Cheras, 56000 Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia, MY


Built on the principles of audacity, perseverance, integrity and excellence, UCSI University is a leading institution of higher learning with campuses in Kuala Lumpur, Terengganu and Sarawak, Malaysia. The faculties, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to meet student needs, offer a wide spectrum of academic programmes, ranging from Medicine, Pharmacy, Engineering and Nursing to Music, Multimedia, Education, Liberal Arts and Architecture.

History of UCSI University

UCSI University began as the Canada Institute of Computer Studies, a computer-based training centre located in SS2, Petaling Jaya, after which it became known as Sedaya College, when it was accorded College status in 1989. In 2001, it evolved into Sedaya International College, reflecting its increasing international focus. It was accorded University College status in 2003 and received University status in 2008, to become UCSI University.

UCSI University Kuala Lumpur Campus

Situated on a 19-acre piece of land, the Campus is located in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur with convenient access to numerous facilities including banks, restaurants, transportation services, entertainment, and accommodation. Fully wireless, it is equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology to access the world of e-learning and e-resources.

Housing 7 different blocks, the Campus includes the Student Centre (Menara Gading), the Resource Centre, the Academic Blocks and Residential Halls to comfortably accommodate a student population of more than 15000.
UCSI University is constantly working with the industry to set up specialised labs which ensure students are updated with the latest industrial practices. Currently, UCSI University has established laboratories jointly with National Instruments and RICOH under the School of Engineering and the School of Information Technology, respectively.
Due to its rapid expansion, an additional 48-storey building will be built on the existing Campus that will include a 5-Star hotel, twelve floors of parking bays and hostel accommodations for UCSI University students, administrative offices, restaurants, a ballroom and also a clubhouse.

UCSI University – Study Programme

1. Undergraduate Degrees 
The programmes usually start in January, May and September and require 3 years of full-time study to complete, or four years if they includes an industrial or commercial placement element.

2. Postgraduate Degrees 
A wide range of postgraduate programmes leading to masters, postgraduate degrees, postgraduate diplomas or postgraduate certificates which run for 50 weeks are available beginning in January, May and September. Completing them successfully would mean obtaining your postgraduate degree in less than one year. Programmes in Computing and Engineering which run for 60 weeks include an 8-week summer vacation.

3. International Foundation Programme 
For sutdents who do not possess the relevant qualifications to study at degree level, then they could opt for a one-year foundation or pre-degree programme before pursuing the chosen undergraduate degree. The International Foundation Programme is a preparatory year for an undergraduate degree in Business or Computing which includes the study of the English Language, study skills and specialist modules.

4. Pre-Degree Programme
For students who do not possess the relevant skills or knowledge to pursue a degree programme at the University, they could opt for a pre-degree programme instead. These courses would help preparing students for university and the chosen degree programme.

5. Foundation Degrees
Foundation Degrees lead to a FdA or FdSc qualification. They are a two-year vocational course designed in conjunction with the industry, commerce and public sector providers to equip learners with the skills demanded by today’s employers. On successful completion, students can opt for further studies and convert the foundation degree to an undergraduate degree.

6. Study Abroad and Exchange Programmes 
UCSI University also offer a wide range of flexible semester and year-long programmes for non-degree seeking students desiring academic credit. If students who are currently studying at a university outside of the United Kingdom and would like to come to Sunderland for one or two semesters, then they can one of these programmes.

7. Postgraduate Research and Distance Delivery Research Programmes 
UCSI University is an acknowledged leader in linking research to industrial and commercial needs to offer postgraduate research degrees leading to either a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) qualification. The University also offer distance delivery research opportunities for students to study in their home country if they cannot come to the University regularly. The University is currently developing areas of research in Europe, the Far East, Middle East and Latin America. Students have already successfully carried out research in China, Greece, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and USA.

8. English Language Requirements
If English is not your first language, you should normally have reached a level of competence equivalent to a TOEFL score of 550 or above; 213 Computer-Based Tests (CBT); 79/80 Internet-Based Tests (IBT) or Band 6 on the IELTS scale, or an equivalent qualification. Check out the English Language requirements.

Source: UCSI University

UCSI University Awards and Recognition

  1. The Brand Laureate
  2. Brand Laureate SMEs Chapter Award for the Best Brand in Tertiary Education 2008/09
  3. Ministry of International Trade and Industry
  4. Export Excellence Award – Education Services (2008)
  5. Special Award for Quality Management (2007)
  6. Special Awards for Quality (2006)
  7. Multimedia Development Corporation (MDC)
  8. MSC-Status Company (Since 1999)
  9. Small & Medium Industries Development Corporation (SMIDEC)
  10. Enterprise 50 Award (1999 & 2000)
  11. Malaysia Canada Business Council (MCBC)
  12. Company of the Year (2008)
  13. Company of the Year (2003)
  14. Good Corporate Citizen Award (2002)
  15. Entrepreneur of the Year (2002)
  16. Ministry of Human Resources, Malaysia
  17. Human Resources Minister Award (2003)
  18. Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE)
  19. Export Excellence Award for Services (2004)
  20. Institute of Public Relations Malaysia (IPRM)
  21. IPRM Crystal Award
  22. Quality Assurance Agency For Higher Education, UK
  23. Top of the Class Commendation
  24. International Organization For Standardization (ISO)
  25. ISO 9001:2000 Certification
  26. Spain International Best Image in Industry & Commerce
  27. International Best Image Award
  28. GTI Specialist Publishers
  29. Top Customers (Local University College)

Source: UCSI University

Student Experience

Living and studying in a foreign country may be a new experience for you. Your time here will be more positive if you understand what to expect, and prepare yourself.

Malaysia is a good tourist destination with many beautiful places to visit. Try to get out and enjoy it while you are here. See the sites, try the local food and celebrate the many cultural festivals!

Malaysia is a multi-racial country of Malay, Chinese, Indian and others. The national language is Bahasa Melayu, but English is widely-spoken, as well as Indian and a variety of Chinese dialects.

There are 4 major religions: Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity with Islam as the state religion
Popular Malaysian dishes include satay, nasi lemak, roti canai & chicken rice. “Stall food” which is inexpensive and delicious is a popular alternative for students. However, dining in more internationally recognized restaurants is also possible with establishments such as the KFC, Mc Donalds & Pizza Hut.

Living Expenses

The cost of living in Malaysia is relatively affordable. The monthly cost of expenditure for accommodation ranges approximately from RM400 – RM600 (USD135 – USD200). Other expenses such as food, transportation, books and other essentials, based on an ordinary lifestyle, are estimated between RM600 – RM900 (USD200 – USD300) per month. The total cost of living will average from about RM15,000 (USD5,000) per year. The cost of living will also vary according to an individual student’s lifestyle and requirements.

UCSI University Student Affairs Office

Student Affairs Office aims to provide UCSI University students effective developmental opportunities to augment academic excellence and improve their campus experience.

Student Affairs Office administers its programmes through the following specially designed units:

1. Student Council

UCSI University Student Council is an organization run and owned by students for the benefit of all students in UCSI University.  It acts as the voice for the students to the Management Board of UCSI University and function as the “caretakers” of the students needs.

Services offered by UCSI University Student Council:

a. Locker

Lockers are provided for students on a monthly and semester basis for a small rental fee. These lockers are located on various floors in Block B for the convenience of UCSI University students.

Standard Medium Large
Monthly RM5.00 RM10.00 RM15.00
Per Semester RM18.00 RM30.00 RM40.00
Exam Period RM10.00 RM10.00 RM10.00


b. Printing Services


Tired and thirsty from working out at the Gym? Refresh yourself with cold drinks from the Gymnasium. With varieties like Red Bull, 100Plus and others, it’s easy to hydrate yourself without walking the mile.

c. Lost and Found

If you lose anything, come to the Student Council office to lodge a report. What will we do? We will just match any items found with the report and return the lost item to you.

2. Student Development and Councilling Unit

The rhythm of university life is one of new experiences and challenges that sometimes pose difficulties in a student’s life. Consequently, there may be some concerns that are not easily resolved which you may find great difficulty to talk over with family members, friends or lecturers.

You need not face this crisis alone. The trained counsellors at the Student Development & Counselling Unit (SDCU) of UCSI University’s Student Affairs Office are here to help you deal with your problems to overcome them.

a. Counselling

This is achieved by the counsellor facilitating your personal growth, development, and self-understanding, which in turn empowers you to adopt more constructive life practices.

Counselling may be helpful in a number of ways. It can enable you to develop a clearer understanding of your concerns and help you acquire new skills to better manage personal and educational issues. Sharing your thoughts and feelings with someone not personally involved in your life can be most helpful.

b. Will Group

Will Group is a study assistance service available to all students at UCSI University. Will Group assists students in identifying their academic challenges to facilitate developing their study skills and to motivate them to study. It is a peer-facilitator and peer-tutoring programme to provide optimum assistance through positive relationships developed within a small group.

c.Developmental Programme

The Student Development Programmes offered by the Student Development & Counselling Unit (SDCU) aims to assist students to make positive and informed personal, life and career-related decisions. A variety of services, workshops and programmes are offered to students to help promote personal, character, intellectual, social, emotional and cultural developments outside the classroom.

d. Physcological Tools

DISC Assessment – DISC stands for Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Concientiousness. It is a non-judgmental and helps people discuss their behavioral differences. If you participate in a DiSC program, you’ll be asked to complete a series of questions that produce a detailed report about your personality and behavior. This tool is used to improve work productivity, teamwork, and communication.

SDS Assessment – Selft-Directed Search helps students to make the best career decisions wherever they are in life. It has been used by more than 30 million people worldwide and has been translated into more than 25 different languages. SDS results have been supported by more than 500 research studies.

OH Card – The OH Cards are a set of 88 larger word cards and 88 smaller picture cards. The cards are designed so the picture cards fit into a box in the center of the word cards. The effect is to frame the picture with a variety of possible keyword meanings. For example, a two-person race takes on a different dimension when surrounded by “Dream” vs. “Compulsion.” The OH Cards can be used in many ways: to tell stories, stimulate the imagination, encourage communication and foster self-awareness. The instructions describe different games that can be played.

3. UCSI University Students’ Activities and Recreation Unit (SARU)

Students’ Activities and Recreation Unit (SARU) provides students with diverse opportunities for practical experience through co-curricular activities organised throughout the year. Students are encouraged to participate actively in these activities, as they provide valuable hands-on experience for leadership and character development.

Services provided includes:

  • Guidance and support to students when events are organised.
  • Encourage students to participate in some form of physical recreation. Students can participate in a wide array of individual and team sports — in the inter-varsity games and intramural games.
  • Manage sports facilities such as the basketball court, table tennis facilities, badminton courts, gym, dance studio, volleyball court, football field, futsal court, swimming pool, squash courts, pool table, foosball table and board games.
  • Help students post their services, activities and events through the in-house print and electronic media.
  • Provide guidance and support to Student Council.

4. International University Collaboration Centre

The International University Collaboration Centre assists students in all aspects of their International Degree Pathway (IDP) experience. IDP offers students the flexibility of transferring courses undertaken at UCSI University to various international universities abroad to enable students to obtain a degree from any of our partner universities.

Services includes:

  • Personalised counselling
  • Course selection
  • University applications
  • Accommodation arrangements
  • Visa application
  • Air-ticket bookings and airport pick-up assistance
  • Pre-departure briefings

5. UCSI University Co-Operative Education & Career Services (CECS)

The Co-Operative Education & Career Services (CECS) Unit provides integrated services to all UCSI University students to contribute to their intentional and rewarding career journey.

CECS staff acts as a liaison between students, employers and the different faculties within the UCSI University to establish and facilitate employment opportunities. This unit also support, train and lead students and the Alumni as they build their careers.

Source: UCSI University

UCSI University Facilities

With strong financial backing to upgrade its facilities, UCSI University offers state-of-the-art labs as well as excellent student support so our students are able to develop holistically for their educational enhancement. At UCSI University, students have access to several facilities and resources on and off campus. With the help of dedicated staff members, students’ psychological and emotional welfare are also cared for through the emotional counselling services offered and the many extra-curricular activities available.

3D Laboratory

UCSI University offers a specially-built and designed computer lab for its 3D programme students. The 3D Computer Lab, located on the 3rd Floor, of the University’s Academic Block in Kuala Lumpur, has computers with the highest specifications that cater to students’ assignments and artwork. Aside from the standard 3D animation software available, the computers are also equipped with Maya and Adobe Creative Suite Production Preview software.

The 3D Computer Lab will be used mainly for subjects in animation studies, matte painting, modelling, advanced modelling, editing, compositing and special effects, rendering, 3D matte painting, advanced dynamics and effect, character animation and sound animation. In addition, the Lab is also specially equipped with a Hi-fi movie screening audio system.

Badminton and Basketball Courts
The badminton and basketball courts in UCSI University are indoor games courts located at the Multi- Purpose Hall (MPH), on the fourth floor of Block A, Menara Gading, South Wing. The Hall can accommodate approximately 1,000 people and is accessible via an elevator and staircases.The Badminton Courts
There are two indoor badminton courts at the MPH. Students and staff can use it between 09:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m. on weekdays, provided there are no examinations, functions or classes being held at the MPH. Students and staff must bring their own badminton racquets and shuttle cocks, but may borrow the badminton nets through the Student Council office. They can book the courts through the Student Affairs Office.The Basketball Court
Staff and students can use the indoor basketball court from 09:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m. on weekdays when the MPH is not booked for functions and events, examinations or is having on-going classes. They may book the courts through the Student Affairs Office.

Computer Laboratories
There are ten computer labs at the UCSI University Campus. There are over 400 PCs and 15 servers connected to the campus local area network that is served by Microsoft Windows Server 2003® Active Directory Services. 85% of the Campus is covered by wireless network for more than 200 notebook users to access the network wirelessly. Staff and students are given free e-mail accounts to enjoy access to the Internet wirelessly.Operating Hours
Monday to Friday: 9.00 am – 6.00 pm
Saturday: 9.00 am – 1.00 pm

UCSI University has many Cafeterias and Food Outlets located throughout the campus which serve a wide selection of popular Malaysian and international food to cater to every taste and fancy.
Apple Store
UCSI University’s Bookstore stocks a wide spectrum of reference and textbooks and sells a wide variety of snacks, stationery and supplies.

Conference Room
UCSI University’s conference roomis fully equipped with state-of-the-art conference equipment, including individual delegate microphones and audio-visual apparatus, making it the ideal venue for conducting meeting, conferences, seminars and workshops.

Language Lab
Located in Block B above the Library, UCSI University’s Language Lab is a modern, well-equipped facility to facilitate students to expand their language repertoire. It includes 15 state-of-the-art computers (all of which are equipped with Samsung flat-panel monitors) for students’ use in our English Language programme. With instructors always on hand to provide assistance when needed, students avail themselves of the latest language learning software to pursue self-directed learning activities which support many of the language skills (reading, writing, listening, vocabulary, grammar, etc.) learnt in the classroom.
Engineering Laboratories
Geomatic (Survey) Lab
The Laboratory has specialized equipment for the analysis, collection and display of descriptive and coordinate information. It is equipped with Digital Theodalites, Total Stations, Automatic Levels, a Surveyor’s Compass, Digital Planimeters, and Computer Hardware & Software for plotting and printing survey plans. Through lab work, students learn theoretical aspects of Engineering Survey.Concrete Lab
The Laboratory provides engineering evaluations of building materials such as cement, aggregate, concrete and other cement-based products that delve deep into the theoretical aspects of Reinforced Concrete Design, Engineering Materials, and Construction Technology. It is equipped with various on-site tests equipment such as a Concrete Compression Testing Machine, a Beam Flexural Testing Machine, Cement & Aggregate Testing Kits, a Mechanical Sieve Shaker, a Concrete Mixer, and Slump Testing Equipment.Geotechnical (Soil Mechanics) Lab
It is critical to quantify the various soil properties to predict how they would behave under field loading for the safe design of soil structures using standardised laboratory tests. This Lab is used for courses such as Soil Mechanics, Geotechnical Materials and Analysis, and Geotechnical Design. It houses equipment such as a Compaction Testing Machine, Atterberg Limit Testing Equipment, an Unconfined Compression Tester, Soil Shear Strength Testing Equipment, Hydrometers and a Digital Thermostatic Oven.

Hydraulics & Hydrology Lab
The Laboratory is fully-equipped to conduct on-site tests on river and coastal modelling, hydraulic structures and hydrological modelling to estimate the quantity of pipe and channel flows. Used for courses such as Fluid Mechanics, Hydrology and Hydraulics, it houses specialized instruments like the Basic Hydraulic Benches, the Water Hammer Apparatus, the Flow Meter & Current Meter, the Venturi Meter Apparatus, the Pipe Friction Apparatus, the Loose fixtures and shapes in Piping (Bends) Apparatus, the Flow through An Orifice & Jet Apparatus, the Centrifugal Pumps, the Rainfall Measuring Equipment and the Run-Off Measuring Devices..

Highway and Transportation Lab
This Laboratory is a testing centre for Bituminous Mix Design pavement materials, and a lode for traffic and transportation studies. Traffic analysis and design is done with traffic engineering software, using various data collection methods and apparatus available for design and traffic management, and general transport studies. This Lab is used for courses such as Highway Engineering and Transportation Engineering and is equipped with instruments such as: a Ductility Testing Machine, Bitumen Penetration Testing Apparatus, Flash and Fire Point Testing Apparatus, a Dorry’s Abrasion Testing Machine, a Deval’s Attrition Testing Machine, Ring and Ball Apparatus, a Traffic Volume Analyzer, and Marshall Stability Testing Devices.

Structures Lab
The Laboratory provides engineering evaluation for the Mechanics of Materials, Theory of Structures and Structural Analysis courses. Used for testing structures, structural components and materials, it is equipped with Beam Testing Equipment, Column and Slab Testing Equipment, Creep Test Apparatus, Portal Frame Apparatus, Two-Hinge Arch Model Apparatus, and Impact and Impulse Test Apparatus.

Industrial Chemistry Lab
The Lab is equipped with all the necessary equipment and chemicals to study chemical industrial processes such as the preparations of common chemicals, methods purification, and quality control. All chosen experiments are of the “hands–on” type, supported by a variety of analytical equipment such as GC, IR, UV-VIS, and refractometers. Experiments conducted here are designed to supplement the theoretical part of the course.

Petrochemical Lab
As a Lab designed for the study of all aspects of petrochemical industries with especial focus on the assessment of petroleum distillation products, a variety of instrumentation and supporting equipment have been carefully chosen according to the API value of the crude oil blend. Other international standards present here include Distillation Vapour Pressure Measurement, Viscometers, Flash Point, Purity Testing, Cloud Point, API Density, and many more.Instrumentation Lab
This Lab has UV-VIS, GC and a variety of equipment for testing water or air pollution, identification of pollutants, and monitoring of corrosion. It forms the analytical core that supports the programme at all levels to enable students to learn how to use these equipment, as well as the underpinning theories.Mechanics Lab
This Lab is equipped with hydraulic benches, and equipment related to Bernoulli’s Theorem, pipe friction, losses in bends, roof truss, triangular forces, centre of gravity, rolling disc, inclined plane, free and damped vibration, Young’s modulus, and Euler’s strut. It is used for subjects such as Fluid Mechanics, Engineering Statics, Engineering Dynamics, and Stress Analysis and Design.

Mechatronics Lab
This Lab is equipped with a feedback robotic arm, a robot studio simulation software, a PLC basic training kit module, a PLC analogue module (with pulse), and a CX-One software. It is used for subjects such as Robotic Systems, and Mechatronics System Design.

This Workshop is equipped with various hand tools, weldings, castings, and machines such as a drilling machine, a sawing machine, a grinding machine, a CNC lathe machine, a CNC mill machine (with automatic tool changer), and a CNC simulation software system. It caters to both engineering and architecture students; and is utilised for subjects in Mechanical Engineering, e.g., Manufacturing Processes, Mechanical Drawing, and Assembly Techniques.

Mechanical Lab
This Lab is equipped with apparatus related to perfect gas laws, saturation vapour pressure measurements, vapour compression refrigeration units, a reversed cycle refrigeration & air conditioning trainer, a solar energy demonstrator, linear & radial heat conduction, free & forced convection, a concentric tube heat exchanger, a shell & tube heat exchanger, and a cooling tower. It is used for subjects such as Thermodynamics I & II, and Heat Transfer. In due time, more equipment related to vibrations, FEM software, HVAC, and internal combustion engines will be added.

R&D Lab
This Lab allocates priority access to final year students and is mainly utilised for final year subjects. There are multiple workstations with dedicated PCs and various software and development platforms available which include CPLD Trainers, Fibre Optic Trainers, MPLAB, Active-VHDL, Model Sim, Xilinx Foundation and Webpack, a Wavemaker, PCB123, an Orcad PSpice, and an Electronics Workbench.

Other tools available include TMS320C5X DSK, a Microstation and Server-based software such as Matlab and a Microwave Office which is accessible through a campus-wide network. The Matlab software consists of various additional toolboxes such as a Power System Blockset, Signal Processing, Image Processing, Neural Network, a Communication Blockset, Fuzzy Logic, and Control Systems.

Electrical & Electronics Lab
This Lab caters to 40 students per session and is designed to familiarise students with the basic principles of tests and the measuring equipment for various electrical and electronic engineering subjects. The equipment available includes16 workstations, where each is equipped with a test and measurement equipment such as an Oscilloscope, a Function generator, an Analogue/Digital DC power supply, and Analogue/Digital Multimeters.

Communication & Electronics Lab
The Labs are equipped with 6 main stations consisting of Electron communication panel-type training units, 10 workstations with an addition of 30 units of comprehensive Falcon on-board training kits for Analogue and Digital Communications, 2 Fibre Optic trainers, a Network Analyzer, a Spectrum Analyzer, DC power supplies, Function Generators, Audio Generators, Digital Oscilloscopes, Counters and Digital Multimeters. It is designed to introduce students to basic modulation and telecommunication techniques and to assist detailed study of communication systems, communication circuits, fibre optics, data transmissions, transmission lines, and filter designs.

Drafting & Design Studios
The Drafting Studio is equipped with drafting stations that can accommodate up to 50 students per session for manual engineering and drafting design tasks. In addition, a Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) and AutoCAD software are installed in the Main Computer Lab to complement the Drafting Laboratory.

Computer Lab
The Computer Laboratories in the Faculty of Engineering, Architecture & The Computer Laboratories at the Faculty of Engineering, Architecture & Built Environment are fully equipped with Computer Aided Design (CAD) software and simulation-based software for our academic staff and students. The Main Computer Lab has a total of 49 Windows XP PC workstations equipped with AutoCAD, IntelliCAD, 3DS Max Design, Adobe Photoshop, Matlab, PSpice, RimuPCB and other related software.

There are two smaller computer labs reserved for classes with small groups of students, each with 10 Windows XP PC workstations and varied software meant for skills development in industry-related software.

PCB Fabrication Facility
The PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Fabrication Workshop exposes students to the use of a wide range of manual and powered machine tools to aid student project works and the construction of engineering products. The PCB workshop equipment includes a PCB Fabrication Tank unit, a UV Light Exposure Unit, a Hand drill, a Bench drill, a Heavy Duty Workbench, a Bench Vice, a Tool grinder and other assorted common workshop and hand tools. This Lab is used by students for their projects on Electronics Industry and Software, Electronics Product Development and Final Year requirements. For more advanced fabrication of PCBs, a costly CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) precision machine PCB station was especially purchased for use by both staff and students. The cost and time efficient productions of more complex PCBs, including double-sided PCBs, are enabled by the utilisation of the CNC machine.

Microprocessor & Microcontroller Lab
This Lab introduces students to microprocessors and microcontrollers, memory devices and computer interface techniques and to teach the basics of assembly language programming. Consisting of 10 workstations with PCs, it is each equipped with an ESA 68k2 Microprocessor Training Kit complete with Interfacing Application Boards, a PIC Trainer Kit, Digital Signal Processing TMS kits, Digital Oscilloscopes, engineering software such as MPLAB, Orcad PSpice, PADS and an Electronic Workbench; microprocessor and microcontroller applications like the Traffic Light System, Stepper Motor Control, Keyboard Interface, and Clock and Elevator; as well as CPLD training kits and Xilinx Prototype boards.

Power & Machines Lab
This Lab introduces students to Power Systems, Power Electronics, and the Machinery of Engineering. Laboratory equipment includes Power Systems, Electrical Machines and Power Electronics; as well as DC shunt, series and compound motor-generator; three-phase induction motor; three-phase synchronous motor-generator set; single phase and three phase Transformers; single and three phase power supplies; Power Voltmeters; Ammeters; Wattmeters; a Clamp Meter; Stroboscopes; and Digital Oscilloscopes.

Control & Instrumentation Lab
A new addition to the Engineering labs includes the costly ELWE Pneumatic and Hydraulic equipment to expose students to industrial applications through hands-on experience with the trainers. The additional equipment supports the teaching of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering, especially for final year students who undertake Fluid Power & Drives studies. The existing sets for FEEDBACK Control – Servo kits, Digital and Analogue control boards, DMATEK Industrial Sensor Boards are for subjects such as Control Systems, Instrumentation & Measurement, and Control & Instrumentation for the continuum of theory to practice.

UCSI University Examination Hall
This hall has great significance as it was launched to commemorate the late Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Haji Ahmad Razali bin Haji Mohd. Ali who served as Chairman of the Board of Governors of the then – Sedaya College from 1998 until his demise in 2001.The hall has a capacity seating of 660 for examinations and 1,000 for dinner functions. It is fully equipped with air-condition and sound system. It is located on the fifth floor of Block C, South Wing and is accessible via elevators and staircase.The multi-purpose hall is situated on the fourth floor of Block A, Menara Gading, South Wing. It has a seating capacity of 420 seats for examinations and 700 seats for dinner functions. This hall is also used for indoor sports on non-examination days. It is fully air-conditioned and is equipped with sound system. It is accessible via elevators and staircase.

Other Examination Venues
There are other allocated examination venues such as rooms located on the fourth floor of Block C and the various laboratories in Block B and elsewhere, depending on the number of candidates and the type of tests to be carried out.

Fashion Design Workshop
The Fashion Design Workshops located on the third floor of Block C, UCSI University South Wing operates daily from 08:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m. on weekdays, subject to part time class time table allocation. There are two workshops with space for approximately fifteen to twenty students per workshop and which are adequately equipped with several portable household sewing machines for beginners, nine industrial high speed sewing machines, and three ‘Overlock’ high speed sewing machines for programme use. Comfortably arranged with high and low stools that are most conducive for training and learning purposes, the workshops also have vacuum ironing boards, a steamer and boiler, drafting tables and dummies available and packaged for student use.

To shape up and keep fit, students and staff may use UCSI University Gymnasium, which has stationary bicycles, treadmills, free weights and machines, as well as the services of an experienced gymnasium instructor, to supervise the training sessions during prescribed hours.

Laurent Bleu Clinic
Headed by experienced medical doctors, the Clinic provides prompt, convenient and cost effective medical services to students and staff alike. Students benefit as it is on-campus.Services available:
  • Consultation and Treatment for Illness
  • Toilet and Suturing for Wounds
  • Obesity Clinic
  • Antenatal Clinic
  • Blood and Urine Examinations
  • Vaccinations
  • Ultrasound Treatments
Operating Hours
Monday to Friday: 10.00 am – 5.00 pm
Library and Resource Centre
With librarians on standby to advise and assist users on all aspects of its facilities, the UCSI University Library offers an immense and comprehensive collection of all the latest texts and references, both physically and on-line. The latest e-Library databases allow students to access a wide array of references, from academic peer-reviewed top-notch international journals to music scores and audio-visual items.Available also are discussion rooms for members and workstations with Internet facilities, which include free accessing of the e-mail, the library’s online catalogues and other sources of information during the operational hours of the library. Also available are CD-ROMs, audio CDs and video-cassettes as supplementary references.Borrowing can only be done after users produce their ID cards which have been affixed with a bar code on the reverse, and details of the bar-code have been input into the Library’s Computer System. Loan eligibility/number of loans for each member is determined by his/her membership category (by item type and collection).

Operating Hours
Monday to Friday: 8.00 am – 9.00 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9.00 am – 1.00 pm
Public Holidays: Closed.

Shuttle Bus Service
Free UCSI University Shuttle Bus Service
Monday – Friday: 7.00 am – 7.30 pm embarking from South Wing.
Saturday: 7.00 am – 1.30 pm embarking from South Wing.Shuttle Service Route
7.00 am – 9.00 am: Bus and shuttle van will travel the normal route: South Wing – Tasik Selatan LRT Station – North Wing – South Wing.
9.00 am – 12.00 pm: Shuttle van will travel the South Wing – North Wing – South Wing route, with the Bus travelling the normal route.
12.00 pm – 2.30 pm: Bus and shuttle van will travel the normal route: South Wing – Tasik Selatan LRT Station – North Wing – South Wing.
2.30 pm – 4.00 pm: Shuttle van will travel the South Wing – North Wing – South Wing route, with the Bus travelling the normal route.
4.00 pm – 7.30 pm: Bus and shuttle van will travel the normal route: South Wing – Tasik Selatan LRT Station – North Wing – South Wing.The service will run at half hour intervals to be reduced to 15-minute intervals during peak periods. Passengers must display their UCSI University ID cards before boarding.

Swimming Pool
The spanking new swimming pool at the North Wing of UCSI University offers a delightful escape from the humdrum hectic studies. Meant for relaxation and a chance to just laze under the sun, or for competitive swimming – even informally with your colleagues, it is covered with a canopy to make it pretty much an all-weather facility where you can indulge in your favourite pastime, come rain or shine

Squash Court
UCSI University which is equipped with three Squash Courts built in compliance with national requirements are now available for use.Operation hours are from 9.00am to 10.00pm.

UCSI University Gift Shop
This specialty-store offers students and visitors a wonderful opportunity to purchase UCSI University souvenirs and specialty products such as mugs, T-shirts, watches, pens, umbrellas and many other attractive and useful products, and gadgets as gifts or mementos.Opening Hours
Monday to Friday: 9.00 am – 4.00 pm
Saturday and Sunday: Closed.

Recital Hall / Auditorium
The Recital Hall and the Auditorium are two identical theatres, which are well-designed for professional performances and functions, and furnished with theatre-style seating for 450 people, and also well-equipped with their own sound systems, audio/visuals, and recording facilities. Each year, the School of Music presents a great number of graduation recitals and evening concerts in the Recital Hall. In addition, the Recital Hall is also used regularly to hold seminars, workshops and master classes conducted by the Music Faculty and visiting artists, while the Auditorium is used for screening movies for students on a bi-weekly basis.

Music Facilities
Recording Studio
The recording studio located in the Recital Hall is a professional 24-track digital recording and editing studio with an attached control room that is connected to the Recital Hall for live recording purposes. Equipped to handle small to integrated productions, advanced editing and CD-R burning, it is available for stereo recording, multi-track recording, fully automated mix-down, CD writing or audio/CD-R production and audio postproduction for vision. Recording applications available include instrument, choir, ensemble, jazz and pop bands, drums, voice-overs, musicals, vocals, backing tapes, background music, minus ones for lip-syncing, minus ones for vocal performances and video soundtracks. A valuable teaching facility, the studio is also used for many of our audio engineering courses to enable students to work in a setting that closely parallels the professional music world.Music Teaching Studios and Classroom Facilities
The Music Faculty includes many distinguished performers who enjoy reputations in Asia and Europe, as well as well-qualified teachers and lecturers renowned for their passion and dedication in helping students achieve their full potential. The teaching studios and classrooms, equipped with a piano and grand pianos, are designed to provide a conducive environment for lecturers to impart their knowledge in teaching, performances, practices, techniques, repertoire, skills, and contemporary music technology.Music Practice Rooms
With over 20 private practice rooms (mostly equipped with a piano) for student use, the School also offers classroom space and pianos during evening hours for their practice sessions.

Consisting of 5 fully configured workstations, the MIDI lab, with its advanced and user-friendly equipment provides a home-styled, effective yet economical production environment for students to complete projects in MIDI sequencing, arranging, composition and song-writing. The lab facilitates students to gain hands-on experience in advanced music technology that is currently central to the work of any contemporary musician.

Keyboard Lab
The Keyboard Lab is equipped with 10 MIDI-compatible electronic keyboards (for use with or without headphones) that are linked to a lecturer’s central listening desk and a master digital piano. A fully configured MIDI workstation is also available for class demonstration and project use.

Ensemble Rooms
The School maintains a number of ensemble rooms for ensemble rehearsals such as those for modern band, chamber music, choir, and orchestra. Through ensembles, students gain vital experience in performing with other musicians.

Psychology Laboratory

The Psychology Laboratory at UCSI University was constructed exclusively for psychology-related activities such as counselling, testing, observations, experimental research, etc. Dedicated to students majoring in psychology, this Lab facilitates students to conduct studies on previous and prevailing theories of the discipline in a controlled environment while expanding the body of knowledge in the ever evolving field of psychology.

The Psychology Laboratory serves the following objectives:

  • To create an authentic atmosphere of psychology at work to fulfil the main requirements of the Degree in Psychology programme.
  • To offer space for students to conduct experiments, counselling, testing, observations, etc.
  • To help students experience a unique learning environment to complement classroom discussions.

The Psychology Lab has 2 rooms equipped with facilities and equipment used for individual testing and counselling. There is a one one-way mirror for lecturers to observe simulated counselling sessions by students, and a Control Room equipped with a recorder player and a mixer for recording, editing and monitoring of individual and group testing, and for counselling, experiment purposes etc.

Science Laboratories

Medical Clinical Skills Unit
Medical students are required to be competent in history taking and communicating with patients, examining patients, and conducting simple procedures such as taking venous blood and inserting urinary catheter. With audio-video facilities to help enhance students’ acumen towards heart sounds and the like, this laboratory also enables students to practise under supervision and to work towards competency.

Medical Problem Based Learning Laboratories
Unlike the conventional lecture-based classes, students are placed in groups of six to ten per group under an elected team leader to lead the group discussions with lecturers assigned as facilitators to assist in the direction of the discussions, to direct them to learning materials, as well as ensure all student-participation. This learning experience trains students to interact, communicate, and refer and practise leadership. Over and above these is for them to acquire a reasoning ability.

Anatomy & Pathology Museum
The Medical Museum houses illustrative models, body parts (normal and pathological) and learning modules that students could allude to for actual knowledge on the premise of what CAN GO WRONG in the body. With the consequences of normality/abnormality highlighted, students are encouraged to attend the museum repeatedly to reinforce and consolidate what they have learned.

Nursing Clinical Skills Unit
The Nursing Clinical Skills Unit (NCSU) is a state-of-the-art practice laboratory for nursing students. As a simulated ward, the NCSU provides students a practice environment that closely resembles the actual ward environment. This opportunity to practise within a simulated ward environment assists students to develop confidence and familiarity before experiencing the actual ward environment. Clinical Nursing Skills are taught at the SU with the NCSU Coordinator closely supervising the students’ practice sessions. Students are expected to practise as much as possible all the nursing clinical skills taught them.

A definite attraction for all nursing students is the simulated bed area for patients located in the main area of the NCSU comprising modern equipment like the DDA medication cupboard, the blue linens, the curtains for privacy, the bed-side tables, the patient cabinets, the eight manual crank beds, the two child cots, and the basinets. In addition, there are also the life-sized comprehensive practice mannequins (Simon and Suzie) found resting in their beds at opposite ends of the ward, and a convincingly realistic ‘baby’ mannequin (Mindy) lying awake in the baby cot. Students find great satisfaction interacting and practising with Simon, Suzie, and Mindy. In future, these mannequins will be instrumental for students to practise the more invasive nursing clinical skills required of professional nurses today. Opposite the beds are the dual nurses’ stations which are well-equipped with tables, chairs, and a medical case file for patient information.

Definitely, learning nursing skills are a great challenge. However, the School of Nursing at UCSI University takes pride in how the NCSU empowers its students to become confident and proficient in their clinical skills, in their journey towards becoming a registered nurse. nurse.

Physiology & Pharmacology Laboratory
This Laboratory is equipped with Biopac systems: the physiological and pharmacological monitoring systems to monitor the contraction of isolated tissues like muscles and intestines for the testing of drug effects on these tissues. These systems can also measure ECG, EMG, EEG, lung function, blood pressure and other physiological parameters. Other equipment available in this laboratory are the tissue/organ baths, a spirometer, a vitalograph, teaching models of human organs, physiological systems charts, a tail flick analgesic meter, a hot plate analgesic meter, stethoscopes, microscopes, sphygmomanometers, and a peak flow meter. This wide range of equipment enables this laboratory to conduct all the required laboratory classes.

Pharmacy Practice and Physical Laboratory
Pharmacy students make pharmaceutical preparations like powder and liquid mixtures, ointments, creams, injections, infusion solutions and eye-drops in this laboratory. The laboratory provides a wide range of pharmaceutical raw products, mortars and pestles, liquid measures, 2-decimal and 4-decimal place balances, ampoule sealers, particle viewers, laminar flow cabinets, suppository moulds and all the necessary apparatus for making the required preparations.

Pharmacy Project Laboratory
Experiments in physical pharmacy and pharmaceutical technology are conducted in this laboratory which is equipped with a computer controlled viscosity tester (the Haake Rotovisco), the Haake falling ball viscometer, a tensiometer, a Coulter counter, a Zeta Meter, an 8-vessel dissolution tester, the single-vessel dissolution testers, a fluid bed dryer, a single-punch tablet machine, a 17-punch tablet machine, a disintegration tester, a granulator, and a sugar coater. Pharmacy students also use this laboratory to conduct their final year projects.

Molecular Biology Laboratory
This Laboratory provides students with the facilities to conduct experiments in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. Equipped with centrifuges and microcentrifuges, PAGE and Submarine gel electrophoresis equipment, a PCR machine (thermocycler), a UV transilluminator and gel documentary system, water baths, an orbital shaker incubator, a carbon dioxide incubator, oven incubators, a-100 litre autoclave, fermenters, an ultra-pure water purifier, laminar flow cabinets, inverted microscopes, a sonicator, a microplate reader, a water activity meter, and a moisture analyser, this Lab is well-equipped to conduct laboratory classes for Biochemistry, Microbial Biotechnology, and Human Molecular Genetics. Biotechnology and Food Science and Nutrition students could also use this laboratory to conduct their final year projects related to Molecular Biology.

Microbiology Laboratory
This Laboratory which is equipped with light microscopes, an autoclave, a laminar flow cabinet, microbiological incubators, anaerobic jars, a wide range of general culture media and differential media, and all the general apparatus of a biology and microbiology laboratory, is used to conduct biology, general microbiology, pharmaceutical microbiology and food microbiology laboratory classes.

Special Instrument Laboratory
The Special Instrument Laboratory houses 5 expensive and state-of-the-art equipment like the Gas Chromatograph, the Texture Tester, the High Performance Liquid Chromatograph, a Luminescence Spectrometer, and an Atomic Absorption Spectrometer which are utilised by the Pharmacy and Applied Science students in their studies to determine the content of calcium and sodium in urine, cadmium in baby food, aspirin and its denatured product salicylic acid, types of fatty acids, and alcohol. These instruments are also available to final year Pharmacy, Biotechnology, and Food Science and Nutrition students to use in their projects.

Chemistry Laboratory 1 and 2
Inorganic and organic chemistry laboratory classes are conducted in these Chemistry Laboratories using equipment which include an infra-red spectrometer, fume hoods, rotary evaporators, Soxlet extractors, a thin layer chromatography apparatus, a water deionizer, a water distiller, and all the general apparatus of a chemistry laboratory. The Lab is fully-equipped to conduct chemistry laboratory classes for pre-university studies in Pharmacy and Applied Sciences.

Student Centre & Student Services

Source: UCSI University


UCSI – Accommodation

UCSI University offers students a healthy residence with services that support their learning and development process. Students can opt to either reside in UCSI University’s on-campus residential halls or at the off-campus condominium-styled accommodations. UCSI University also provide temporary accommodations for students and guests who are coming for a short stay.

There are two options for UCSI University accommodations:
  • On-campus Accommodation – (Residential Halls)
  • Off-campus Accommodation – (Angkasa Condo)
As a unit parked under the Student Affairs Office, the Accommodation Services Unit which provides services for a healthy residential environment to the students in support of their learning and development process, are committed to:
  • Providing a safe and secure, comfortable and clean living environment
  • Ensuring all residents have opportunities for personal development and growth
  • Understanding and responding to our resident-students’ needs collectively and individually
  • Supporting the Academia in ensuring all resident-students to engage in healthy lifestyles activities, to maintain a healthy body and a sound mind and body
  • All freshmen are encouraged to reside on-campus for their first semester at UCSI University. All international students are required to enrol in our Residential Hall for their first semester here.


UCSI On-Campus Accomodation

The University offers a comprehensive on-campus accommodation service for students wishing to live on-campus. Currently, we have the:

  • Residential Hall, Kuala Lumpur Campus – South Wing
  • Residential Hall, Kuala Lumpur Campus – North Wing


The  Residential Halls provide twin-sharing air-conditioned rooms. The Hall is segregated into male and female quarters and is equipped with a common visiting area for family and friends.

There are also limited units of three-bedded sharing room for students. But these are only available at the Residential Hall of the North Wing Campus.

Facilities and Services in Residential Halls:

  • Air condit ion from 1100 hours to 0500 hours
  • A launderette
  • An in-house cafeteria
  • Board Games such as chess, carom, checkers
  • 24 hours wireless Internet service
  • Individual room cleaning
  • Shower rooms with hot water
  • A TV lounge for each floor
  • Surau (Prayer Rooms)
  • 24-hour security

Room Items:

  • Bed with mattress and pillow
  • 1 set of bed sheets and pillow covers
  • Study table and chair
  • Wardrobe

Pantry Items:

  • Hot water dispenser
  • Microwave oven
  • Refrigerator
  • Built-in kitchen cabinets

UCSI Off-Campus Accomodation

Angkasa Condo is one of the popular and convenient off-campus accommodations for UCSI University students. It offers both sharing and single room with the choice of with or without air-condition. There is a 24-hour security service to ensure the safety of students and to safeguard the premises.

Room Items:

  • Bed with mattress and pillow
  • Study table and chair
  • Wardrobe
  • Fan/Air-Condition

Unit Items:

  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • Washing Machine
  • Dining Table
  • Sofa

Guest and Temporary Accomodation

UCSI University also provide temporary accommodations for students and guests.

Temporary Accommodation for Students

Temporary accommodation, subject to availability, is available for all UCSI University registered students.

All temporary residents are to abide by all the rules and regulations of the Residential Hall during their stay.

A student who arrives at UCSI University without prior accommodation bookings but would like to stay temporarily at the Residential Hall, will be charged a daily rate of RM 55 for an air-conditioned room for a maximum 2 days only. Subsequently, the student needs to sign up for one of the tenancy period or move out from the Residential Hall.

Daily Rate

  • Daily rate is applicable to existing UCSI University students only
  • A refundable deposit of RM 250 is required prior to checking in
  • Advance payment for the number of days in the Residential Hall must be made prior to checking in into the Residential Hall
  • A daily rate of RM 55 for an air-conditioned room is charged based on the number of days the student stays.


Monthly Rate

  • Monthly rate is also applicable to existing UCSI University students
  • A refundable deposit of RM 250 per month or RM 500 for 2 months is required prior to checking in
  • If a student wishes to stay for more than 2 months, a refundable deposit of RM 1000 is required prior to checking in
  • The monthly rate for temporary accommodation per student is RM 500 for an air-conditioned room.
  • Temporary Accommodation for Guests


Temporary Accommodation for Guests

emporary accommodations are also available for UCSI University staff, internal guests (i.e. staff and associates from our sister companies, branch campuses and agents) and external guests (i.e. parents and relatives of students, participants to camps, workshops, seminars, outings, trips, etc.).

Guests are also to abide by all the rules and regulations of the Residential Hall during their stay.

Residential Hall Guest Units

  • Guests will be placed in the Residential Hall Guest Units
  • If the Residential Hall Guest Units are fully occupied, guests may be asked to reside in the Residential Hall room units. There may also be requests to accommodate them temporarily with an existing student
  • Charges for external guests include: RM 100 administrative fee, RM 250 deposit and RM 55 rental per day
  • Rental for internal guests will be charged to the respective Department / Organization.


Guest Accommodation Application

  • The application form must be submitted 2 weeks in advance prior to the guests’ arrival
  • The staff in charge or student liaising with the guests is responsible for the guest accommodation applications
  • Room application is subject to availability of the Residential Guest Units, and approval from the Student Affairs Office.


Source: UCSI University

UCSI Schools, Colleges, Subsidiaries and Affiliate Companies

UCSI Child Development Centre

Considering the young mind as a precious thing to be nurtured with the best practices available, UCSI Child Development Centre aims at providing children with the best education, the best nutrition and the best environment possible through a holistic approach to learning within a child-centred environment and an enjoyable learning experience.

Thus, the curriculum at UCSI Child Development Centre emphasizes the integration of themes, projects and activities which are catered to the child’s age and individual needs and which involves using authentic, real-life stimulus to support learning, as well as the development of creativity and critical thinking skills in a stress-free and positive environment to enhance learning.

Sri Sedaya School

Educating young minds should be done with great care and with the best resources available. With this in mind, the Sri Sedaya private school was established with the support and approval from the Minister of Education. Offering quality education from Year 1 to Form 5, the School follows the National School Curriculum while placing special emphasis on mastery of the English language with world-class facilities. In addition, the students are also introduced to Mandarin.

With 12,000 square feet of space, complete with six badminton courts, air-conditioned classrooms and laboratories, Sri Sedaya students get to learn in comfort with equal emphasis placed on co-curriculum activities. Thus, they participate in district and state level school competitions through the five active uniformed bodies, societies and clubs ranging from cooking classes to photography lessons to sports clubs. Currently, Sri Sedaya Campus houses over 800 students comprising Malaysian and international students.

UCSI Extension

UCSI Extension believe that education is a life-long process and necessary to keep today’s working adults competitive. Since 2001, UCSI Extension Centre has been providing short-term courses, medium term executive educational programmes (Executive Diploma programmes) and in-house training programmes tailored to the needs of employees.

UCSI Extension support the nation’s goal to develop its human capital to fit an ever-changing economic landscape by giving individuals this extra leverage to compete on the international arena. Some of the world’s top companies, including Dell Computers, Kontena Nasional Berhad, MISC Integrated Logistics, Bax Global, DHL and Novozymes Malaysia, have entrusted us to develop their human assets.

UCSI Professional Academy

UCSI Professional Academy is a learning institution that offers professional courses in business, accounting, finance and management accounting, as well as language courses and corporate training to today’s working professionals and students.

UCSI Professional Academy offers classes and intensive programmes leading to professional qualifications, namely the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), CIMA Certificate in Islamic Finance, Exam Preparatory Course for CIMA Master Gateway Assessment (CMGA) and the Registered Financial Planner (RFP) course of the Malaysian Financial Planning Council (MFPC).UCSI Professional Academy’s Language Institute offers a range of language courses including English, Korean, Japanese and Bahasa Malaysia. The courses include Business English, English and Mandarin Training for Corporate Clients, IELTS, TOEFL, English for Hospitality and Tourism and Communication, English for the Workplace and HRDF-approved courses.
UCSI Professional Academy maintain a strong and global atmosphere. The staff are internationally qualified and trained to work with students and clients from various ethnic backgrounds. To date, UCSI Professional Academy has hosted more than 1000 students from 70 countries; maintain partnerships with both national and international companies and collaborate regularly with international governments and their embassies including countries such as the Maldives, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Kazakhstan and South Korea.

UCSI Computech

UCSI Computech creates software solutions for today’s fast-paced, interconnected community. Our functions include developing networking services, creating smart card software and designing tools for video webcasts, all with the mindset of providing tangible solutions to everyday problems. Though education is our specialty, UCSI Computech also provides services for small businesses and local governments and is always ready to take on new challenges.

UCSI Computech’s award winning iideas include POSSE, the business-process management software for government bodies; and EarthWon, the environmental process software for environmental regulatory institutions. We also have significant experience working with industry leaders such as Computronix, HP Malaysia, Kaspersky Lab, Interactive Pixel Studios and Aruba Networks to further expand the frontiers of the information technology industry.

UCSI Communications

Mass communication is a powerful tool in today’s world. Whether it be print, broadcast or digital, the media is able to spread large amounts of information to the world within seconds, to make it a crucial part of everyday life.

At UCSI Communications, we specialize in a range of communication services including event management, advertising, public relations and entertainment management. The approach to creativity is to set directions for advertising campaigns while producing target results. With more than a decade of experience, UCSI Communications is expert in strategic planning, product coordination and conceptualizing campaigns. The passion for creative design also extends to graphic designing, copywriting and designing briefs and promotional packages for councils, private businesses and local organizations.

In addition to providing quality communication services, UCSI Communications strive for long-term and meaningful relationships with all of the clients and industry partners, which included YTL Berhad, Alcatel and Cisco Systems. The team has also managed events for several international artistes such as the Scorpions, Alanis Morissette and All 4 One

UCSI Food Technology

UCSI Food Technology is the company behind UCSI Café. Firmly believing that food nourishes the soul as well as the mind, it offers a unique dining experience with a range of traditional recipes as well as new, fusion dishes that reflect a clientele from more than 70 countries. The expert chefs and experienced staff who are committed to providing delicious, high-quality meals as well as excellent customer service, are always pushing the boundaries to create new and exciting flavours.

Though its primary role is managing UCSI Café at UCSI University, UCSI Food Technology is also available to cater outside events ranging from small dinners to large-scale parties with menus catered to clients’ specifications. It is currently rolling out plans for the establishment of a fast food franchise programme.

Laurent Bleu Skin Science Centre

The Laurent Bleu Skin Science Centre specializes in skin science through an integrated involvement of skincare, teaching and research. Comprising the Laurent Bleu Aesthetic, the Laurent Bleu Skin Science Academy, the Laurent Bleu Clinic and UCSI Path Lab, they work together to improve clients’ well-being both inside and out.

With a focus on skin health and beauty, the Laurent Bleu Aesthetic offers both skin analyses and treatments including facials, waxing and make-up consultations, as well as an advanced product line. The Academy, working with the Aesthetic, provides training for the next generation of beauty specialists to offer the Ministry of Higher Education-accredited UCSI Beauty Therapy Programme with courses in beauty and cosmetology.The Laurent Bleu Clinic is headed by experienced medical doctors and provides prompt, convenient and cost-effective medical services to students, staff and the public. Complementing the Clinic, UCSI Path Lab is a diagnostic lab that provides a scope of diagnostic and health screening services. Together, the components of the Laurent Bleu Skin Science Centre offer clients comprehensive health and beauty services for an overall sense of well-being.

UCSI Blue Ocean Strategy Regional Centre

Blue Ocean Strategy Regional Centre (BOSRC), is the home to the UCSI Consulting Group. The UCSI Group and all of its subsidiaries are guided by the Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) in creating innovative ideas and new solutions. The BOS is a book by Professor W. Chan Kin and Renee Mauborgne based on a study of 150 strategic moves spanning more than 100 years and 30 industries. We provide a systematic approach in making competition irrelevant while creating uncontested market space.

Blue Ocean Strategy Regional Centre is committed to providing the BOS tools and concepts with the highest professional standards through its consultancy services was established to educate the world on the BOS and to create more pioneers and leaders in various fields.BOS’s international networks of trained BOS speakers, trainers and consultants, endorsed by the United Kingdom Blue Ocean Strategy Initiative Centre, are always on the go to hone and furnish individuals with the BOS tools through its workshops, training seminars and conferences to create wealth for businesses, communities and nations through the establishment of uncontested market spaces.BOS’s Centre at UCSI University is also the force behind the development of postgraduate courses at the University, developing new and innovative courses guided by BOS.

Campio Traders, Campio Builders

Campio Traders was established to meet the requirements of Malaysia’s fast-growing service sector. As an established academic book retailer and distributor, we operate a number of retail and service outlets in the UCSI Group of campuses to cater to the needs of both students and the general public. Other than academic books, other products and services include UCSI University branded merchandise, premium gifts and souvenirs, office stationery, photocopying and housekeeping services. Campio is now also branching out to provide high quality and innovative building materials.

Campio Builders is a construction firm specializing in building services. The services includes providing construction work as well as building consulting and management services for residential, commercial, and industrial type buildings. Founded on the principles of honesty, commitment and quality craftsmanship, Campio Builders believe that the competitive advantage results from the mutual trust and respect that is shared with the employees and subcontractors. From conception to completion, Campio has the technology, vision, staff and resources to deliver total project success
Campio Land is the newest addition to UCSI Group. Started earlier this year, this company is a property developer focusing on acquiring new lands and developing them into residential as well as commercial projects. Campio Land is currently involved in developing a 3.5 acre land in Cyberjaya that will feature a small office/home office “SoHo” commercial structure as well as high-end residential condominiums. With collaboration from the other Group subsidiaries, including Campio Builders and Peterson Properties, Campio Land aims to become a leading property developer in Malaysia.

Peterson Properties

Peterson Properties is a property management service and turnkey construction contractor. Our mission is to provide comprehensive professional services with passion and integrity, turning visions into realities through creative arts and engineering sciences. We take pride in ensuring that our developments are environmentally friendly and serve their surrounding communities to their fullest potential.

Sri Millenium Resources Sdn Bhd

Recognizing a growing demand for halal products, Sri Millenium Resources (SMR) was established to provide safe, clean high-quality products for Muslims and non-Muslims alike. SMR strives to become a world leader in halal goods, with commitment to value creation, responsible corporate governance and operational excellence

In addition to providing 100 percent halal products, Sri Millenium Resources is committed to helping individuals and communities gain awareness on the relationship of halal with their daily lives, beliefs and health.

UCSI Future Affiliates

Future plans for UCSI Group include the construction of several major projects throughout the country. In Bandar Springhill, Seremban, plans are afoot to develop a new, 160-acre piece of land that would eventually become UCSI University’s main campus, as well as a 1,000-bed teaching hospital for its Faculty of Medical Sciences. The land will also hold a five-star hotel and resort, as well as a 2,000-student international school equipped with an Olympic-sized pool, a football field cum running track, and a grandstand. UCSI Group is also in the process of building five-star hotels in Kuala Lumpur and Kuching which will also provide additional training for UCSI University students.

With dynamic leadership, sound financial policies and a community-conscious approach, UCSI Group is poised to become a leading business entity and major contributor to developing the nation’s knowledge-based economy.

Source: UCSI University

Course Name Study Field Study Level Tuition fees Duration
Course Name Study Field Study Level Tuition fees Duration
Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) (48 m) 4 years Apply
MSc (Anti-Aging, Regenerative Medicine and Medical Aesthetic) (24 m) 2 years Apply
Dip. Nursing (36 m) 3 years Apply
Advanced Diploma in Palliative Care for Healthcare Professionals (12 m) 12 month(s) Apply
Bachelor of Nursing (Hons) (48 m) 4 years Apply
Bachelor of Optometry (Hons) (48 m) 4 years Apply
Doctor of Medicine (MD) (60 m) 5 years Apply
Dip. Leisure & Recreation Management (24 m) 2 years Apply
BA (Hons) Hospitality Management , (36 m) 3 years Apply
BA (Hons) Event & Tourism Management , (36 m) 3 years Apply
BA (Hons) Commerce (36 m) 3 years Apply
Dip. Hotel Management (24 m) 2 years Apply
Dip. Culinary Arts (24 m) 2 years Apply
Dip. Interior Architecture (30 m) 2 years 6 months Apply
Diploma Architectural Studies (30 m) 2 years 6 months Apply
BSc (Hons) Architecture (36 m) 3 years Apply
BA (Hons) Interior Architecture (42 m) 3 years 6 months Apply
Dip. Engineering (Materials Science) (28 m) 2 years 4 months Apply
Dip. Electrical & Electronic Engineering (28 m) 2 years 4 months Apply
BEng (Hons) Petroleum Engineering (48 m) 4 years Apply
BEng (Hons) Mechatronic Engineering (48 m) 4 years Apply
BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering (48 m) 4 years Apply
BEng (Hons) Electrical & Electronic Engineering (48 m) 4 years Apply
BEng (Hons) Communication & Electronic Engineering (48 m) 4 years Apply
BEng (Hons) Civil Engineering (48 m) 4 years Apply
BEng (Hons) Chemical Engineering (48 m) 4 years Apply
MSc Electrical Engineering (12 m) 12 month(s) Apply
Dip. Information Technology (24 m) 2 years Apply
BSc (Hons) Mobile Computing (36 m) 3 years Apply
BSc (Hons) Computing (36 m) 3 years Apply
BSc (Hons) Business Information Systems (36 m) 3 years Apply
MSc in Technopreneurship (12 m) 12 month(s) Apply
Dip. Management (24 m) 2 years Apply
Dip. Logistic Management (24 m) 2 years Apply
BSc (Hons) Finance & Investment (36 m) 3 years Apply
BSc (Hons) Actuarial Science and Finance , (36 m) 3 years Apply
BSc (Hons) Actuarial Science , (36 m) 3 years Apply
BBA (Hons) Oil & Gas Management (36 m) 3 years Apply
BBA (Hons) Islamic Banking & Finance (36 m) 3 years Apply
BA (Hons) Marketing (36 m) 3 years Apply
BA (Hons) Logistics Management (36 m) 3 years Apply
BA (Hons) Supply Chain Operations Management (36 m) 3 years Apply
BA (Hons) Business Administration (36 m) 3 years Apply
BA (Hons) Branding and Advertising (36 m) 3 years Apply
BA (Hons) Accounting & Finance (36 m) 3 years Apply
BA (Hons) Accounting (36 m) 3 years Apply
Bachelor of Financial Economics (Hons) (36 m) 3 years Apply
MSc Logistics Management (12 m) 12 month(s) Apply
MBA Oil & Gas Management (12 m) 12 month(s) Apply
MBA (BOS) (18 m) 1 year 6 months Apply
MBA (12 m) 12 month(s) Apply
DBA (36 m) 3 years Apply
MSc Food Science with Business Management , (18 m) 1 year 6 months Apply
BSc (Hons) Nutrition with Wellness , (48 m) 4 years Apply
BSc (Hons) Food Science & Nutrition , (36 m) 3 years Apply
BSc (Hons) Biotechnology (36 m) 3 years Apply
MSc Food Science , (18 m) 1 year 6 months Apply
MSc Biotechnology with Business Management , , (18 m) 1 year 6 months Apply
MSc Biotechnology , (18 m) 1 year 6 months Apply
MSc Applied Sciences (by Research) (18 m) 1 year 6 months Apply
Doctorate of Philosophy (Science) (24 m) 2 years Apply
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