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Malaysia woos students from Qatar

  Admin   |     June 4th, 2014   |    

An Education Malaysia Open Day event will be held on Friday and Saturday at the Malaysia Trade Centre in The Gate Mall, it was announced yesterday.
“Students from Qatar aspiring for quality degrees which are recognised internationally can choose to study at premier Malaysian universities and international university branch campuses in Malaysia,” ambassador Dato Ahmad Jazri Mohamed Johar said.
“One of the factors that makes Malaysia a favourable education destination is the very affordable tuition fee and cost of living. There are over 100 private universities, university-college and colleges to choose from, and over 3,000 programmes to specialise in.
“Malaysia hosts branch campuses of prestigious universities from the UK, US, Australia, India and students pay only a fraction of the cost when studying in Malaysia compared to what they need to pay in the main campus.
“In private universities in Malaysia, tuition fee for a full degree programme runs for three or four years, depending on the course. Tuition fees are between $3,000 to $10,000 a year – a third of the costs in US, Britain and Australia, with the programmes providing the same students’ learning outcome,” Jazri added.

Source: Gulf Times