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Course Fees and Duration

Course Duration:
(36 m) 3 years
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Not provided
Location of Study:
Kuala Lumpur
Full Time/Part Time:
Full Time
Awarding University:
University of London

University of London’s Bachelor of Laws Programme (LL.B)

  Institution: ATC College

Field Of Study:
Level Of Study:
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Course Intake:
April, August, February, January, July, June, March, May, September

Programme Description


In the last two decades, ATC has become the largest independent Private Law School in this region with two campuses in Malaysia, one in Singapore and one joint venture partnership in Hong Kong. Its Business School has also grown to offer a variety of Certificate, Diploma and Degree programmes that are contemporary and market-driven.

ATC’s growth in the last two decades, particularly on the internal and external programmes, can be credited to its strong commitment to excellence and academia. This is created in a manner that allows the adoption of teaching-learning methodologies and the provision of research facilities that are student-centric and geared towards enhancing and improving academic performance.

Credit for ATC’S successes lies primarily in the mindset of our people who make up this remarkable institution. It is their unfailing dedication and philosophy of continuous improvement that not only ensures our excellent reputation, both locally and internationally, but also provides a strong platform of employability for the ATC graduate.


University of London International Programmes LL.B
The University of London International Programmes is a world- renowned provider of legal education with more than 19,000 students in over 130 countries. Academic direction for its LLB is provided by six of the most prestigious Colleges of the University of London – Birkbeck; King College London, the London School of Economics and Political Science, Queen Mary, the School of Oriental and African Studies, and UCL (University College London). The University of London LL.B programme is internationally recognised as a prerequisite to becoming an Advocate & Solicitor in most countries. In addition, LL.B graduates are highly sought after in other industries and have career options that include joining the corporate sector, the media industry, and a host of other fields.

This 3-year degree programme requires students to complete 4 subjects each year.

Graduate Entry Route

The programme is also flexible in that it allows individuals who already have a degree / equivalent in another field to apply to the Graduate Entry Route, which provides a 3 subject exemption for eligible students.

Students opting to do the Graduate Entry Route however will not be eligible to become an Advocates & Solicitor of Malaysia and this programme is commonly done by working adults as a means of enhancing their career prospects.

Students on the Graduate Entry Route may opt to complete 3 subjects a year for 3 years. This programme is offered on a full and part time basis at ATC.


Examinations are conducted worldwide by the University of London in the months of May and June. Students are required to pass all subjects in order to go onto the next level of study. The examinations, conducted by the Malaysian Examination Syndicate, require students to pre-register by January of each year.

Teaching-Learning Methodologies

ATC uses a combination of traditional and contemporary teaching-learning strategies so that the ATC student has exposure to lectures, tutorials and even online learning opportunities. One of the primary features of the ATC learning environment is the use of the “SASSY” Programme. This “Student Assistance Support System” provides students the option of having one-on-one tutorial sessions with tutors of their choice in order to clarify the finer points of a specific topic.

Research Facilities

A well-stocked and comprehensive library is available to all students for research and reference purposes. Complete with all relevant reports, texts, journals and magazines, the ATC Library (valued at more than RM5 million) is testament to our commitment and dedication in the pursuit of academic excellence.

Research facilities include the RM1.5 million Tun Abdul Hamid Omar Resource Centre, enabling the availability of research materials at the touch of a button.

Equipped with internet capabilities, it ensures that the quest for academia is borderless.

Academic Excellence

ATC has been offering the University of London International Programmes LLB.


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