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UCISS Student Referral Program

UCISS Student Referral Program is an exclusive opportunity for all local and international students who are looking for an extra income.

If any of your friends, cousins or other family members are planning to pursue studies in Malaysia, we can help them find a suitable course that matches their interest and budget. For every student you recommend to UCISS Malaysia, we pay you an incentive of RM 1000* per student.

* This incentive is based on an undergraduate course, other courses may earn less. Please enquire incentive amount for other courses.

UCISS Malaysia Support

You don’t need to have complete information of the courses offered in Malaysian universities. Our counselors will handle the task for you. Your job is to spread the word for our free online application system to your friends and family members.

How Does it Work?

  1. Once you recommend our services to someone, you have to send contact information of the prospective student to You can also help them setup UCISS user account and send us username and e-mail address of the prospective student.
  2. You are entitled to receive the incentive amount, once the student enrolls in university and deposits the tuition fees in University account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do my friends need to pay any consultation fees?

No. All our services are 100% free.

It’s not at all compulsory to follow our recommendations. Our recommendations are based on University reputation for the selected study field, Student’s Academic results and the budget specified by them. However, your friends may have different reasons to choose another university and we will be glad to assist them with the process.

Is there any payment or fees to join the referral programme?

No. Joining the referral program is free. Apart from helping your friends find the most suitable college or university, we also want to help you earn some money while you are still studying. The referral programme benefits everyone – you, your friends, us and also colleges and universities.

Do I have to come to office?

No. The entire referral program can be done part time, anywhere and anytime. If you have friends who wants to study in Malaysia just refer to us. You can also actively promote UCISS Malaysia on your own over the internet and Social Media.

I am interested. How do I apply?

Just send us an email to with your name, e-mail address, contact number and your preferred way of receiving the payment. And we would register you for UCISS Student Referral Program.