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Help University

Master of Project Management (MProjMgt)

  Institution: HELP University

Field Of Study:
Business Administration & Management
Level Of Study:
Course Subject:
Project Management
Course Intake:

The MPM, first offered in 2011, aims to advance executives and administrators into thinking and effective project managers by equipping them with the knowledge and skills of project management principles and practice. Candidates will not only be required to learn from academicians and experienced practioners to be proficient in specialist areas such as managing costs and risks, resolving conflicts and examining supply and value chain but also be competent over a broad spectrum of general management disciplines that include leadership, strategy and ethics, and investigative case studies.

Such proficiency will endow individuals with the strength and confidence to become significant and successful project managers, a role that is incresingly in demand and therefore profitable in an economic and investment environment that challenges industry in both developing and developed nations. Success in their project management career will also give candidates high potential for senior and high management positions as well as arm individuals for greater success in management consultancy or other rewarding entrepreneurial ventures.


Subject Listing

Introductory Case & Research Methodology (non-credit subject)

MCR 500

Core Subjects (6 units)
Project Management Principles & Practice
Risk Management
Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
Project Cost Analysis & Appraisal
Supply Chain Management & Support
Project Management Case Study

MPM 501
CGR 501
MEM 502
MPM 502
MGT 513
MPM 510

Electives (Selection of 6)
Business Economics
Business Ethics
International Business
Leadership & Organizational Effectiveness
Operations Management
Strategic Management
Marketing Management

ECO 501
MGT 503
MGT 505
MGT 506
MGT 508
MGT 510
MKT 501

Other Electives  – available when subject(s) offered

Business Accounting & Finance
Corporate Finance
Management of Organisational Change
Human Resource Management

ACC 501
FIN 501
MGT 507
HRM 501



Exam (20%) + Assignment I (30%) + Assignment II (50%)
Entry Requirements

A Bachelor degree from a recognized University preferably with adequate industry experience