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Master of Corporate Governance (MCorpGov)

  Institution: HELP University

Field Of Study:
Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
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The main objective of the MCorpGov is to provide candidates with comprehensive knowledge of the theories, principles and practice of Corporate Governance. It focuses on ethical issues in the conduct and regulation of business. In addition, the structure of the course enables candidates to enhance their risk management skills. The knowledge and expertise acquired from MCorpGov is crucial for candidates who participate in the dynamic management of both private and public organizations.

The 2007 financial crisis that challenged many corporations, even national economies, underscores the importance of acquiring knowledge and expertise in developing a code of best practices in corporate governance, essential for the development of organizational policy and procedure. The financial crisis not only raised questions on the conduct of the affected corporations but had and is having a global impact on corporate and industry behaviour. Candidates equipped with a good knowledge of corporate governance would develop a clear understanding of corporate structures, processes, policies, roles and responsibilities, crucial for the proper direction and control of businesses and organizations not only for their immediate but also greater stakeholders.


Subject Listing

Introductory Case & Research Methodology (non-credit subject)

MCR 500

Core Subjects (6 units)
Corporate Governance and Accountability
Auditing and Control Systems
Corporate Finance
Risks Management
Governance in International Business
Environmental Governance

ACC 511
ACC 525
FIN 501
CGV 501
CGV 502
CGV 503

Electives (select 6 units)
Business Accounting & Finance
Business Economics
Human Resource Management
Management Theory & Practice
Business Ethics
International Business
Leadership & Organisational Effectiveness
Strategic Management

 ACC 501
ECO 501
HRM 501
MGT 501
MGT 503
MGT 505
MGT 506
MGT 510

Other Electives  – available when subject(s) offered
Management of Organisational Change
Operations Management
Marketing Management

MGT 507
MGT 508
MKT 501



Exam (20%) + Assignment I (30%) + Assignment II (50%)
Entry Requirements

A Bachelor degree from a recognized University preferably with adequate industry and corporate experience