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Course Fees and Duration

Course Duration:
(3 m) 3 months
Course Tuition Fees:
Course Miscellanous Fees:


Not provided
Location of Study:
Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Sarawak, Selangor
Full Time/Part Time:
Full Time
Awarding University:
SEGi University

Intensive English Programme

  Institution: Segi University

Field Of Study:
Language Studies
Level Of Study:
Certificate / Professional Certificate, English Language Programme
Course Subject:
English Language and Literature
Course Intake:


The Intensive English Programme is specially designed for international students. It aims to improve these students’ English language proficiency to a level equivalent to around IELTS 5.0 – 5.5 to enable them to further their studies at the diploma and degree levels as well as to find employment in English-speaking environments.

Career Opportunity

Once students have achieved English language proficiency to a level equivalent to around IELTS 5.0 – 5.5 they will be eligible to apply for entry into programmes offered by the various SEGi campuses.

Program Modeule

Elementary English
This course is designed for students who have a very rudimentary knowledge of the English language. Students are introduced to common everyday words, expressions and sentence structures. This course equips students with basic functional language for day-to-day communication. It focuses on the development of speaking and listening skills to build greater confidence and fluency in communicating in English. Complementary skills – grammar and vocabulary – are introduced and practised regularly so that students will be able to use it naturally.
Students are also exposed to basic sentence construction. They learn to write short sentences and to relate them into a paragraph. Other essential skills – reading and comprehension – are structured in order for the students to understand the reading materials better. Students learn by participating in fun and interactive activities in and outside the language classroom.

Intermediate English
This course is suitable for students who already have some knowledge of the English language for everyday communication. Students are introduced to spoken and written communication for work and study purposes. Students learn conventional writing techniques and are exposed to various types of writing. They are encouraged to explore the language and to use it creatively to express their ideas.
In conversation, students have the opportunity to talk about a variety of subjects and learn a great range of vocabulary. Emphasis is also placed on exploring the “functions” of the English language. Teaching and learning activities are meaningful, communicative and enjoyable, and are conducted in and outside the language classroom.

Upper-Intermediate English
This course is appropriate for students who have some knowledge of the English language for work and study purposes. It equips students with the necessary language skills for tertiary studies. By the end of the course, students will be able to communicate confidently and appropriately in most situations.
The emphasis is on techniques that are practical and easy to use. In writing, students learn to think critically to produce a well-organised and well-argued piece of work. The main topics covered include descriptive writing, summary writing, book reports, narrative writing, and argumentative essays. Students learn by participating in meaningful communicative activities in and outside the language classroom.

Entry Requirement

Programmes are available for International Students at any English competency level.


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