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Hospitality In Cruise Management

  Institution: Greencity International College

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Completing a diploma or a degree course but do not have high hopes in securing a well-paid job? It is normal to be worried, and you are not the only one who is not given assurance over a guaranteed job by your college. It is difficult to win over a job in such highly competent working industry, with college and university graduates flooding the streets without an end.


GREENCITY INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE is currently looking for potential candidates to join us in our exclusive Certificate in Cruise Operation Management course. If you were adventurous and ambitious; we are gladly inviting you and would relish the opportunity to nurture you in becoming a successful cruise ship crew.

Our Certificate in Cruise Operation Management course is an 18-module course which is aimed at producing cruise ship crews at the highest quality. You will be taught aspects of cruise operation management, such as customer service, safety precautions, and cruise operation policies.


Cruise Ship Crew Member: What is it?

A cruise ship crew member provides excellent customer service to passengers while ensuring their comfort and safety throughout the journey. They are professionally trained to deal with emergency situations which may arise.An old adage taken from the era where pirates were roaming on the seas, says that the sea is unpredictable, which is true to a certain extent. A cruise ship crew member must be courageous and have high awareness level to his/her surrounding.

Cruise Ship Crew Member: Job Descriptions

There are many departments on board, and all of them need several positions for each role, which contributes to the high availability of jobs on a cruise ship. Take the activity and entertainment department, which focuses on providing leisure and entertainment activities to passengers on board. Positions available in this department include yoga instructors, diving instructors, fitness coach, musicians, and disk jockeys.There are other departments which are hiring as well, such as the deck and engineering department, positions such as security officer, electrician, and radio officers. This is the department that is responsible for servicing the cruise ships, ensuring the passengers’ safety, and keeping the cruise ship well-maintained condition.


A sense of freedom

Tired of your working surroundings? The same buildings everyday, the same roads, and same frustrating heavy traffic jams that have been bothering you throughout the year. You have only the vast sea as your limit if you are working as a cruise ship crew.Being a cruise ship crew also enables you to learn about different countries’ cultures and lifestyles. You may consider yourself a crew member when you are serving passengers, once in a foreign country, your identity switches to being a tourist, where you travel to various spots of the country you have never visited before to experience the local cultures and lifestyles.


Other privileges for cruise ship crew members only

There is no overspending problem when you are working on a cruise ship, simply because you are paid to work and travel, not to forget that food and accommodation are provided to all crew members, it is a job that develops the habit of saving.

Becoming a ship crew member makes people realize that general appearance is a part of this job. As a high quality customer service provider, he/she has to look best when serving the passengers. It is a job which trains crew members to emphasise the importance of keeping a presentable look.

This is also a job that is aimed at soft skills and personality enhancing, crew members are trained in effective communication skills, problem solving skills when emergencies occurs, and presentation skills. Last but not least, language classes are also provided, particularly in English language.