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Help University

Graduate Certificate in Accounting (GradCertAcct)

  Institution: HELP University

Field Of Study:
Accounting & Finance
Level Of Study:
Certificate / Professional Certificate
Course Subject:
Course Intake:

The GradCertAcct, first offered in 2010, is specially developed for “non- accounting and finance” degree holders to acquire accounting knowledge and skills at the postgraduate level for them to have a good working knowledge and competency in the discipline, and for them to gain admission as an associate of, and qualify as a professional accountant of the society of Certified Practising Accountants (CPA), Australia. The GradCertAcct may also qualify students, subject to applicable regulations, for admission as student associates of other professional accountancy bodies.

Additionally, accountancy and finance knowledge and skills are growing in importance and recognition as a component essential to proper management in both the public and private sectors globally, and non-accounting and finance graduates are increasingly drawn to the reward and satisfaction of a career in these fields of expertise whether they are professionally qualified or not. In essence, the GradCertAcct provides the opportunity for such graduates to extend their competence and confidence to develop successful and lucrative careers in accountancy.

Subject Listing

Introductory Case & Research Methodology
(non-credit subject)

MCR 500

Core Subjects (8 units)
Fundamentals of Accounting
Financial Accounting and Reporting
Accounting Principles and Theory
Management Accounting

ACC 401
ACC 402
ACC 403
ACC 404

Financial Management
Fundamentals of Business Law
Business Economics
Information Processes, Controls and Communication

ACC 405
ACC 406
ACC 407
ACC 408

Accounting and Management  Electives          Other Electives  – available when subject(s) offered
Management Theory & Practice
Corporate Governance and Accountability

MGT 501
ACC 511

Advanced Auditing & Assurance
Contemporary Accounting Issues Facing Business

ACC 409
ACC 410



Exam (50%) + 2 Assignments (50%)
Entry Requirements

A Bachelor degree from a recognized University preferably with adequate industry experience, or such other relevant qualification as may be approved, in alignment with the Ministry of Higher Education guidelines, by the ELM Academic Board.