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Help University

Foundation in Science

  Institution: HELP University

Field Of Study:
Science & Mathematics
Level Of Study:
Pre University
Course Subject:
Course Intake:
April, January, May, September

Choosing the right career at a tender age of 16 or 17 can be a daunting task. Many students are left with the difficult task of making that choice without being sufficiently equipped with the necessary details to make an informed choice.

Bearing that in mind, the Foundation Program is designed to cater for the needs of the students taking into account the following considerations:

  • To provide good quality Pre-University education that prepares the students to meet the demands of undergraduate study
  • To incorporate a certain degree of flexibility where students can make their choice of selecting a discipline at a later stage rather than at the beginning of the course
  • Subjects such as Study Skills and Critical Thinking Skills are added to give the students an edge over others
  • Extracurricular activities as well as good pastoral care are emphasized to ensure that students obtain a holistic education
  • To provide a conducive environment for study as well as to equip them with excellent facilities

For more information on entry requirements, program pathway, subjects listing and to get to know the faculty, please click on download brochure


  • 50 credit hours
  • 3 semesters
  • 14 weeks per semester
  • 13 subjects (8 core + 5 elective)

Semester 1 (5 Core = 18 credit hours)

  • Intermediate English (4 credit hours)
  • Calculus (4 credit hours)
  • Computing Principles (4 credit hours)
  • Study Skills (3 credit hours)
  • Personal Development and Leadership (3 credit hours)

Semester 2 (2 Core + 2 Electives = 16 credit hours)

  • Advanced English (Pre-requisite: Intermediate English) (4 credit hours)
  • Critical Thinking Skills (4 credit hours)
  • 2 Electives

Semester 3 (1 Core + 3 Electives = 16 credit hours)

  • Culture, Arts and Politics (4 credit hours)
  • 3 Electives

Science Electives (must complete two [2] sets)
(Each elective subject – 4 credit hours)

  • Biology I: Molecules, Cells and Energy
  • Biology II: Systems and Functions
  • Chemistry I: Elements, Compounds and Organic Chemistry
  • Chemistry II: Thermochemistry and Organic Chemistry 2 (pre-requisite: Chemistry I)
  • Physics I: Mechanics, Light and Optics
  • Physics II: Fluid Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism (pre-requisite: Physics I)

Electives (each Elective subject – 4 credit hours)

  • C Programming
  • Economic Principles
  • Engineering Mathematics Applications
  • Finite Mathematics
  • Internet Principles
  • Introduction to Human Communication
  • Introduction to Legal Studies
  • Psychology for Personal Development
  • Statistics
  • Visual Basic Programming

General Science

  • 5 SPM Credits *including a Pass in BM
  • 5 ‘O’ Levels Credits
  • Equivalent qualification
    *2 Credits in Science subjects and 1 Credit in Maths.

*Students who fail to achieve a Credit in English must go for the English Immersion Program

Entry into Medicine, Pharmacy and Dentistry

  • Minimum B’s in the following subjects:
    Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and 1 other subject *including a Pass in BM

Note: Forecast results are accepted. A conditional offer will be granted if the forecast results meet the entry requirements.

Intake Date: January, April, May, September