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Curtin University

Engineering First Year (EFY)

  Institution: Curtin University

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Pre University
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Programme Description

Engineering First Year (EFY)

The Engineering First Year (EFY) program prepares students to enter their second year in their chosen engineering discipline. EFY students learn mechanics, materials and electrical systems which provides a good physical understanding in order to design engineering solutions for the physical world.  Engineering solutions also require a mathematical and logical mind. This aspect will be trained in the two engineering mathematics unit and one programming unit offered in the year.

Even the best engineering mind does not work in isolation. Now, more important than ever, engineers are expected to perform in teams and communicate with technical and non-technical people. In semester one and semester two of EFY, we put students into multi-cultural groups to design, build and present engineering solutions. These Problem Based Learning (PBL) approaches simulate the engineer’s working environment and better prepares student for their studies and the rigours of the working world.

One of the strengths of the EFY program is students have the chance to change their course before entering second year. From my own experience, many students enter the first year without a clear understanding of their chosen engineering discipline. With the EFY program, students have one year to meet with senior students, academics and industry partners who can give a clearer and accurate sense of the many engineering discipline offered in Curtin Sarawak. The student can then make the right choice in his or her career.

Student engineers who complete the EFY have demonstrated competence in engineering knowledge, worked in teams and communicated engineering designs. They are ready and able to continue their second year studies and in a few years transition from student engineer to graduate engineer. We in the EFY academic team look forward to congratulating our students in the graduation hall, knowing that we have helped to advance our engineers.

Programme Structure

Year 1, Semester 1 Units

Unit Index Unit Title Credits Pre-Requisites
307529 Engineering Mechanics 100 25.0
310206 Engineering Foundations: Principles & Communications 100 25.0
307536 Engineering Mathematics 120 25.0
307533 v1 Engineering Materials 100 25.0

Year 1, Semester 2 Units

Unit Index Unit Title Credits Pre-Requisites
307543 v1 Electrical Systems 100 25.0
307538 v1 Engineering Mathematics 140 25.0
Mathematics 120
310205 Engineering Foundations: Design and Processes 100 25.0
310207 Engineering Programming 100 12.5
Select optional Units to the total value of : 12.5 credits
307530 i) Engineering Physics 100 or 12.5
307534 ii) Engineering Chemistry 100 or 12.5
307594 iii) Engineering; its Evolution, Development, Successes and Failures 100 12.5


Source : Curtin University