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Course Duration:
(36 m) 3 years
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Jalan Pandan Indah 4/2
Location of Study:
Kuala Lumpur
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Full Time
Awarding University:
Integrated College of Allied Health and Nursing

Diploma in Physiotherapy

  Institution: Integrated College of Allied Health and Nursing

Field Of Study:
Health, Medicine & Welfare
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 Programme Description


What is physiotherapy?
Physiotherapy is an important branch of healthcare that uses physical approaches (i.e. stretching, strengthening, hands – on techniques, taping, etc.), education and modalities (i.e. ultrasound, etc) to promote, maintain and restore physical, psychological and social well- being, taking into account all variations in heath status.

What does a physiotherapist do?
Physiotherapists treat physical conditions caused by accident, illness and aging, particularly those that affect the muscles, bones, heart, the circulation and lungs.

A physiotherapist examines an individual’s physical limitations and plan a suitable course of treatment in order to return this individual to his/her highest level of function.


Introduction to the course:
The course was designed in view of the need to prepare future physiotherapists with the knowledge and skills to become successful practitioners in their field.

1 Anatomy
Electro physical Agent I
Cardio respiratory I
Movement Science Therapy
Advanced Kinesiology
Professional Development in Physiotherapy
Behavioural Science
2 Electro physical Agent II
Cardio respiratory II
Musculoskeletal I
Musculoskeletal II
Neurology I
Neurology II
Special Issues in Physiotherapy I
Special Issues in Physiotherapy II
Special Issues in Physiotherapy III
3 Hospital Training in Musculoskeletal I
Hospital Training in Musculoskeletal II
Hospital Training in Cardio respiratory I
Hospital Training in Cardio respiratory II
Hospital Training in Neurology
Hospital Training in Paediatric
Hospital Training in Intensive Care Unit

Delivery of the curriculum is mainly in the form of lectures, tutorials and practical sessions in the first two years. Final year students will be exposed to hands-on clinical sessions, demonstrations and presentations during hospital attachments and are subjected to the actual clinical condition of patients.

Applicants should have the following:

SPM / SPMV / O-Level pass with at least 3 credits in any subjects including Science or any other Science subjects.
Any other recognised qualification

Physiotherapists work within a broad range of practical settings:

Government and private hospitals
Private physiotherapy clinics and nursing homes
Sports centers and bodies
Tutors at Private Higher Educational Institutions (Colleges)
Health Care Industry-product specialist.
Physiotherapists also have a role within the government and health planning agencies. Physiotherapists are increasingly participating in research, conducting studies on specific conditions and injuries as well as the effectiveness of physiotherapy. There is a good demand for qualified and trained physiotherapist internationally as well.

Source :  Integrated College of Allied Health and Nursing