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Erican College

Diploma In Business Administration

  Institution: Erican College

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Business Administration & Management
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Business Administration
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Erican’s Business Administration Diploma programme is created specifically to prepare students for general business administration positions within either the public or the private sector. Graduates will leave with more than sufficient knowledge to work their way eventually into their own specialised areas of business.

Our comprehensive curriculum, which is run at our campus in Kuala Lumpur, provides students with all the knowledge and skills they will require to be attractive and desirable by corporate level employers of all types of industries throughout not only Malaysia but much of Asia. Areas of focus in this productive programme will include Management, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management and Accounting.

Mere training and studying does not prepare any young person to excel in business. What is truly needed by students is regular exposure to authentic business examples, giving them examples to study and learn from. Students of this diploma programme will take part in several field trips, allowing them to experience first hand how business operations are done in modern Malaysia. Furthermore, students will have the opportunity to meet and interact with the many successful business icons who will visit the college throughout the academic year.

Students who graduate from this diploma programme will also have the opportunity to further their tertiary education at universities overseas, such as the prestigious Teeside University in the UK.

Only the most ambitious and entrepreneurial students will get the most out of this course. Those who dream of becoming the top of their game in today’s manic and competitive business world will find all the training they need to become an ultimate success through this diploma course. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!