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Help University

BSc Economics & Management (Hons)

  Institution: HELP University

Field Of Study:
Business Administration & Management
Level Of Study:
Course Subject:
Economics, Management
Course Intake:
March, May, September

The programme draws heavily on knowledge generated from social science theory.

  • A broad range of issues pertaining to global economics and international management is incorporated to develop a world-wide view and orientation.
  • Employers in the corporate world and related key employment areas place high esteem and recognition on graduates who have successfully completed their studies in this programme.
  • The programme is designed to foster logical and quantitative reasoning abilities among students who are able to demonstrate a good understanding of the forces having a profound impact on people’s life and work in society.
  • The programme incorporates in-depth analyses of key issues in the field of economics/specific areas of study in management.


Subject Listing

Year 1 

Code Unit Name Pre-requisite
02 Introduction to Economics Nil
04a Statistics 1 (half unit) & Nil
05a Mathematics 1 (half unit) Nil
21 Principles of Sociology Nil
25 Principles of Accounting Nil

Year 2 

Code Unit Name Pre-requisite
107 Introduction to Business & Management Nil
66 Microeconomics 02+05a
65 Macroeconomics 02+05a
76 Management Mathematics 04a+05a
141 Principles of Marketing 02/21

Year 3 

Code Unit Name Pre-requisite
127 Organizational Theory 02/21
20 Elements of Econometrics 02+04a/04b + 05a/05b
92 Corporate Finance 02+05a
97 Management Accounting 25
32 Management Science Methods 04a+05a
115 Monetary Economics 65

Entry Requirements

Students with any of the following qualifications/certificates are eligible for admission to the UOL International Programmes:

STPM – 2 Principals (excluding General Paper) for admission to Year 1
A-Levels – 2 Passes for admission to Year 1
SAM – 5 Passes with score of 80% or above in each of the five best subjects for admission to Year 1
Ontario – 6 Ontario CPU acceptable passes, provided that at least 70% is achieved in each of those subjects
HELP Foundation – Admission to UOL (External) Programmes Year 1 (pass 4 UOL highly recommended subjects: Calculus, Accounting, Microeconomics, and Macroeconomics). Foundation certificates from other institutions in Malaysia may be considered, subject to approval from UOL)
BA Management (HELP) – Admission to Year 2 may be considered upon completing Year 1 at HELP University College (must complete four UOL-required subjects: Introduction to Economics, Maths 1, Statistics 1, Principles of Sociology or Principles of Accounting)
UEC – (a) 5 Bs plus 3 SPM subjects (non-overlapping) with credits (inclusive of English and Maths),
(b) 8 UEC subjects with credit but without SPM certificate.
All UEC applicants without SPM certificate must score TOP in English language such as IELTS (6.0 or above) or TOEFL (580 or above) with TWE (4.5 or above) or pass HELP’s Advanced English course in the Foundation Programme to qualify for admission to the UOL International Programmes Year 1

Other qualification/certificates to be considered:

(a) Achieved a minimum grade level of 70% in each of the 5 best subjects taken in the senior high examinations in their country of origin
(b) Attended at least 12 years of education in their country of origin and are 19 years in age or above at the time of enrolment with the UOL International Programmes
(c) Complete and pass 3 UOL-required subjects at HELP’s Foundation Programme: Advanced English, Calculus, and Critical Thinking Skills

 Every March, May & September