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(36 m) 3 years
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Full Time
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Curtin University

Bachelor of Commerce Finance

  Institution: Curtin University

Field Of Study:
Accounting & Finance
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Programme Description

The Bachelor of Commerce programs are very relevant to the requirements of today’s business world, with considerable emphasis on decision-making, trends in technology and associated work patterns and other aspects of management in the highly competitive business arena. Curtin Sarawak’s undergraduate Commerce programs are designed to develop professional expertise in several areas of specialization and a range of other skills. Graduates of the Bachelor of Commerce with suitable work experience may be considered for admission to graduate courses at Curtin University of Technology.

Course Description

All Commerce students must complete six common core units – Accounting 100, Economics 100, Information Systems 100, Legal Framework 100, Management 100 and Marketing 100 – in order to have a solid foundation of business knowledge. They must also complete eight units for each major, as well as two optional units. Besides the theoretical concepts, the programs also emphasise the application of knowledge to commerce and industry.

The courses are available on a full-time basis. Students can complete the degree in a minimum of six semesters over three years.

Career Opportunities

The Finance and Marketing double major has been designed for students who are seeking careers either in the marketing or financial services sector or who wish to combine the two. The Accounting and Finance double major allows students to become professional accountants, specialising in corporate finance and institutional finance. The Marketing and Management double major provides graduates with an overall understanding of managerial competencies and the functional area of marketing. And the Marketing and Business Information System double major equips students with the principles and processes of marketing products, services and ideas, recognising the growing importance of the Internet, the World Wide Web and other technologies.

In recent years, graduates with the Curtin Commerce degree have had little difficulty in finding employment. Many are already in senior management positions in South East Asia and Australia.

Course Overview

Bachelor degrees prepare students to develop broad and coherent knowledge and skills in a discipline for professional work and further learning corresponding to AQF level 7 qualifications.


This course is designed to prepare you for the challenges in the global business environment. You will study foundation areas of accounting, economics, business law, management, marketing and technology. Through specialised study, in your chosen major, you will gain the theory and practical skills needed to be confident and industry-ready. The following major combinations are available with disciplines in the Humanities: Accounting and Chinese; Advertising and Creative Advertising Graphic Design; Business Law and International Relations; Economics and International Relations; Public Relations and Journalism;


Professional Recognition

Graduates from this course may be eligible for membership of appropriate professional bodies. See information about the specific majors for details.



These include Public Relations major – Public Relations Institute of Australia. Taxation majors – Taxation Institute of Australia, Association of Taxation and Management Accountants, Tax Agents Board of Western Australia. A combination of the Property and Property Valuations majors is accredited for Certified Practicing Valuer status of Australian Property Institute (API).


Career Opportunities

As a graduate of the Bachelor of Commerce from Curtin University you have a range of career opportunities depending on your chosen field of study. Most industries and organisations, whether private or public, local or international, employ commerce graduates.


Additional Course Expenses

Students may be expected to purchase textbooks, and other essential study materials.


Course Overview Note

Students should be aware that they need to undertake prerequisite units for their major in Year 1, Semester 2. Please refer to the relevant major to determine what prerequisites are required.


Course Entry and Completion Details

Credit for Recognised Learning

Applications for credit towards a course are assessed on an individual basis. Credit reduces the amount of learning required to complete the course and may be granted for formal education qualifications, non-formal learning from non-award programs of study and informal learning through work experiences.

Pathway to Further Study

Graduates may qualify for entry to a bachelor degree with honours and some graduate certificates, graduate diplomas and master degrees.


Course Organisation

Bachelor degrees typically contain a series of units which may include compulsory (core), optional or elective units to cater for student preferences. They may contain a range of majors/streams for students to choose from to pursue learning in a specialised area of study.

The first year of this course provides a foundation consisting of a set of common core units which includes units from a range of disciplines. This provides a basis for more concentrated study in your chosen major. You will have the choice of a combination of two majors, or a single major and an elective stream. This elective stream will provide you with the possibility of taking further study in the same or another discipline. Two introductory units from the interfaculty discipline together with six units from the Bachelor of Commerce common core in the first year. Wherever possible, the final unit, Business Capstone 301, will be taken in a student’s final semester of study. This unit involves small teams of students from each CBS undergraduate School (Accounting, Business Law and Taxation, Economics and Finance, Information Systems, Management and Marketing) combining their knowledge and skills in a multi-disciplinary virtual business project. One aim of the unit is to integrate and synthesise in an applied way all the learning experiences obtained by students in their undergraduate study programs.

Course Learning Outcomes

A graduate of this course can:

1. apply broad discipline knowledge to a range of theoretical and practical business situations through research and practical application

2. think creatively and critically to generate innovative solutions to complex business and commercial problems

3. access, evaluate and synthesise relevant information from a range of organisational and external sources

4. communicate appropriately and effectively in professional and public contexts

5. apply technologies appropriately for a variety of commercial purposes

6. demonstrate initiative, responsibility and lifelong learning skills by applying critical reflection and active participation

7. describe global and cultural issues as related to the business area and their impact on local and international communities

8. demonstrate respect for human rights, cultural diversity and the particular rights of Indigenous Australians and highlight the importance and impact of cultural diversity on the interactions of commercial agents

9. show leadership, and employ ethical practice and professional integrity when working within a team and independently

Duration and Availability

3 years full-time study or the equivalent part-time. Some external units may be available via external study. Advertising, Business Law, Finance, Management and Marketing majors are available fully online.


Source : Curtin University