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(48 m) 4 years
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Full Time
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International Islamic University Malaysia

Bachelor of Accounting (B.Acc.)

  Institution: International Islamic University Malaysia

Field Of Study:
Accounting & Finance
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The Department of Accounting offers a program of study leading to the degree of Bachelor of Accounting. The courses are designed primarily for students who intend to enter the accounting profession.

Programme Description

The department aims at producing accounting graduates who are professionally competent and observe ethical norms in their conduct.  As such, the accounting curriculum has been designed to provide the conceptual framework of accounting by integrating components of basic Islamic and accounting knowledge.  In addition, the program offers elective courses in specific areas of accounting to meet the need for accounting with an Islamic perspective.  These courses are Accounting for Islamic Banks and Zakat Accounting.  Practical training is part of the requirement for graduation and is undertaken through placement with institutions related to accounting for a period of 12 weeks after completion of six semesters of course work.  This carries 6 credit hours.  Graduates of the program with three years experience in accounting are recognized by the Malaysian Institute of Accountants for entry as Chartered Accountants.  The program is also recognized by international and local professional accountancy bodies such as CIMA, CPA (Aust), MICPA and ACCA for substantial exemptions.



Students graduating with a Bachelor of Accounting have broad career prospects in various positions such as Accountants, Auditors, Accounts Managers, Academicians, Finance Directors, and Treasury Managers.


Entry Requirements


The minimum entry requirement for Bachelor of Accounting is a CGPA of 2.0 and an average of B- for the following two courses:

ACC 1001 Financial Accounting Fundamentals (3 credit hours)
ACC 1511 Management Accounting Fundamentals (3 credit hours


Students are required to complete 72 credit hours of department required courses (including Practical Training).  These are:

ACC 2001 Intermediate Accounting (3 credit hours)
ACC 2501 Company Accounting (3 credit hours)
ACC 2511 Cost Management (3 credit hours)
ACC 3511 Decision Making & Control (3 credit hours)
ACC 3541 Malaysian Taxation (3 credit hours)
ACC 4041 Advanced Taxation (3 credit hours)
ACC 3531 Auditing Fundamentals (3 credit hours)
ACC 4031 Auditing and Assurance Services (3 credit hours)
ACC 3001 Advanced Accounting (3 credit hours)
ACC 3501 Advanced Group Accounting (3 credit hours)
ACC 4001 Accounting Theory and Policy (3 credit hours)


ACC 4052 Public Sector Accounting (3 credit hours)
INFO 2501 Management Information System (3 credit hours)
ACC 4071 Analysis and Design of Accounting Information Systems (3 credit hours)
MGT 3050 Decision Sciences (3 credit hours)
MGT 4760 Strategic Management (3 credit hours)
LAW 3512 Commercial Law (3 credit hours)
LAW 3212 Company Law (3 credit hours)
MGT 4110 Organization Behaviour (3 credit hours)
MKTG 3010 Marketing Principles (3 credit hours)
ACC 2521 Business Finance (3 credit hours)
FIN 4040 Corporate Finance (3 credit hours)
ACC 3591 Practical Training (6 credit hours)


Students are required to take any ONE concentration consisting of 12 credit hours from the following list of packages:

ACC 4561 Accounting for Islamic Banks (3 credit hours)
ACC 4562 Accounting, Auditing & Governance of Islamic Financial Institutions (3 credit hours)
ACC 4563 Zakat Accounting (3 credit hours)
ECON 3512 Fiqh for Economists 3 (3 credit hours)


ACC 4501 Advanced Financial Reporting (3 credit hours)
ACC 4531 Advanced Auditing (3 credit hours)
ACC 4541 Advanced Taxation and Tax Planning (3 credit hours)
ACC 4542 International Taxation (3 credit hours)


ACC 4515 Management Accounting – Business Strategy (3 credit hours)
ACC 4516 Management Accounting – Risk and Control Strategy (3 credit hours)
ACC 4517 Management Accounting – Financial Strategy (3 credit hours)
ACC 4518 Seminar in Cost & Management Accounting (3 credit hours)


ACC 4581 Company Secretarial Practice (3 credit hours)
ACC 4582 Corporate Governance (3 credit hours)
ACC 4583 Company Administration (3 credit hours)
  Free Elective (3 credit hours)


FIN 4020 Investment Analysis (3 credit hours)
ECON 3410 Money and Banking (3 credit hours)
FIN 4780 Futures, Options & Risk Management (3 credit hours)
FIN 4710 International Finance (3 credit hours)


Students who choose to follow the no concentration option are required to do only TWO electives (instead of four) taken from any of the above list of elective courses or the following:

ACC 4502 Issues in Corporate Social and Environmental Accounting

(Pre-req: ACC 2501, ACC 3531)


(3 credit hours)
FIN 4150 Financial Statement Analysis

(Pre-req: ACC 2521 or FIN 3011)


(3 credit hours)
MGT 4010 Operations Management

(Pre-req: MGT 3050)

(3 credit hours)

The requirements with regards to university required courses, Kulliyyah required courses, Department required courses and Practical Training are the same as with the concentration option. For these students, they will graduate with a total credit hours of 134 (international students with 132 credit hours).  Students with the concentration option will graduate with a total credit hours of 140 (international students with 138 credit hours)

Students need to undertake practical training, equivalent to 6 credit hours, with relevant institutions for a minimum period of ten weeks after the completion of six semesters of the program. Students have to submit a written report to the department for assessment and a grade will be given.